Biggest Loser Or ED

So, I want to know if The biggest loser triggers anyone else??? Don't get me wrong I love this show I mean who wouldn't. However If I lost 70 pounds in 3 weeks I would find myself in treatment so fast. Now I realize that this show is done under seriously controlled circumstances. I also know that I have an eating disorder. I am seriously wondering how many of these contestants develop one. I have to say that when I was exercising 6 hours a day and eating restricted calories I did lose a Shit load of weight.  I am wondering why for me it is an eating disorder and for these particular people it is healthy. I know what your going to say. "Well these people have a lot of weight to lose." Yes but so do I but, Granola would have my ass at the fat you up hotel soooo quick, It wouldn't matter how happy and successful I felt. That is all.