Rant, rant rant

Okay, so here's the thing.  I absolutely absolutely can NOT stand mean people. I don't care if your meanieness is directed at me, someone I love, or someone I hate.  I have had enough hate and contempt in my life to last 45 lifetimes.  I have decided that if some folks feel that they can spread their disillusioned selves through hateful words violence or just plain looks then I have something to say.  First to the douchebag of a pastor who told the entire world that LDS people are not christians I say that I hope to holy batman you never find yourself in need of the power of the priesthood which followers of "mormonism" hold. I absolutely Know That as a follower of christ that you are spreading hate simply because your definition of christianity is very narrow.  Second, for  the bullies of the world FUCK YOU. I understand that you have horrid self image, that you have suffered great abuse and trauma yourselves. this being said grow up we all have to live here and if you think that you deserve more air because you hit harder, yell louder, and get more angry. You are seriously mistakin. If you are a child then I hope someone comes to love you enough to right your behavior.  To all of you who discriminate out of fear I am truly sorry that your mind is overcome by fear, you take it out on someone else. If however you are ignorent then WAKE UP, read a book, get an education. All right rant done. AND Scene